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Damnatio memoriae I

for ensemble

World Premiere:
Ensemble Taller Sonoro
November, 2016
XIV Festival de Música Española de Cádiz (Spain)

Damnatio memoriae means in Latin, literally, “condemnation of memory”, a form of punishment used by the Roman Senate on traitors or others who discredit to the Roman State: the malefactors name and all of them traces in society are erased in order to remove them from history. In this piece for ensemble, “anon·murus”, this kind of oblivion is not only an initial abstract concept, but the driving force of the musical speech: the idea of void (or emptying), silence (or silencing) and disintegration weaves a constant transformation process of the materials played by the ensemble. At the end of the piece, only remains a kind of dust, a complete destruction, a condemnation of memory of the materials exposed before.